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Module #1 : JIRA UI Overview

We will start with the basics. JIRA has lots of menus, and even some advanced users are not aware how to effectively navigate JIRA. 

In this model we will cover all main menus, how to search and how to be efficient with JIRA.

  • Lesson #1:  Top Level Menu Overview
  • Lesson #2:  Top Software Menu Overview

Module #2 : User Management

We will continue our journey exploring JIRA with User Management.

In this module we will learn how to invite your team to JIRA, what are Jira Groups and how to manage them to better manage users. Finally we will do a sneak peak into User Permissions, which we will explore more in the Advanced Module.
  • Lesson #3:  How to Invite Users To Jira
Here is the sample lesson for you to get a feel for what is inside:
  • Lesson #4:  Groups in Jira
  • Lesson #5:  Introduction to Permissions

Module #3 : Projects

The core of JIRA are its projects. We will spend significant amount of time going through projects. We will start with comparison between NextGen and Classic projects, then we will move to templates. We will talk about benefits of Scrum and Kanban templates and do an overview of both. 

In this module we will see how to create sprint, what is backlog and much more.
  • Lesson #6:  NextGen vs Classic Project
  • Lesson #7:  Kanban vs Scrum
  • Lesson #8:  Scrum Template Dive In
  • Lesson #9:  Kanban Template Dive In

Module #4 : Agile Board Configuration

We learned about the Projects, now it is time to go one level deeper and learn about the Boards. In this Module we will learn how to configure our boards.

We will start exploring different Issue types (Epic, Story, Task, Bug) and their differences. Then move to the Column Setup and learn how to add our own columns to meet our unique processes. Later we will go into Board Settings and learn customizing your cards and filtering. After that we will learn how to create custom fields, such as Acceptance Criteria, and finally we will do another deep dive into issues and learn many views how to manipulate issues (clone,split, delete and much more.
  • Lesson #10:  Issue Overview
  • Lesson #11:  Column Setup
  • Lesson #12:  Board Settings
  • Lesson #13:  Custom Fields
  • ​Lesson #14: Issue Management Deep Dive

Purchased Separately Within the Course:

Module #5 : Advanced 

After we learned all the basics we are ready to tackle advanced stuff.

In this Module we will learn a lot. We will start with deep dive into Permissions and learn how to assign granular permissions to our users and groups. We will move into Workflows and learn how to limit actions of our teams to exactly what we anticipate (for example we will disallow moving issues to Done until they  are QA'ed and Reviewed.

We will move next to post-function and validators. This will allow us to automate our flow. For example we will learn how to auto-assign issues to QA when in QA column, or to ourselves when we move the issue and much more.

Next we will learn how to create custom Issue Types such as Design Tickets for example. After that we will look at reports and estimation. I will show you how to read a Burndown chart and sprint report, I will also explain to you what story points are. We will also cover subtasks and why I don't particularly like them.
  • Lesson #16:  Project Roles & Permissions
  • Lesson #17:  Workflows
  • Lesson #18:  Post Functions and Validators
  • Lesson #19:  Custom Issue Types
  • ​Lesson #20:  Subtasks
  • Lesson #21: Reports and Estimation

This couldn't have come at a better time! I'm a developer and want to also become our scrum master so we can let the person who is currently playing both roles of PO and SM just be the the Product Owner. This is definitely helping me present my case. Thanks!"

                                                                                                     - Allyson

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Anatoly Spektor

For the last 10+ years Anatoly has been in IT industry in such roles as Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach.

Anatoly is a founder of Define Agile - Agile Consultancy with the goal to transform 1,000,000 teams.

Anatoly has been working with JIRA for most of his working life, and for the last 2 years he and his team have helped hundreds of teams to learn JIRA.

Anatoly teaches Agile and Jira through his Youtube Videos, private seminars and public talks.

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Today, Basic Lessons:


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